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Phytosanitary treatments and chemical stimulants are reducing the quality of crops.

A healthy and high-quality crop is possible by means of natural and eco-friendly bio-treatments. These type of treatments reduce costs and increase production.

Natural treatments to improve the efficiency and health of crops.

Agro Grow

Bio-stimulant treatment based on beneficial microorganisms for crops

Agro Ceram

Bio-ceramic for the treatment of crops

A constantly increasing number of consumers require organic nutrition, with meat products and derivatives produced in an ecological, as well as in an animal and eco-friendly way.

An organic and 100% natural livestock is possible at a low cost, with a high quality and production.


Natural liquid complementary feed for all kinds of farm animals

Revital Eco

Ecological probiotic complementary feed for animals


Nowadays, chemical detergents we use in home and industrial cleaning are able to disinfect the treated surfaces, however, at the same time, they are destroying the environment, as well as harming humans and animals.

It becomes increasingly important and necessary to preserve the environment and to avoid coming into contact with pollutant, toxic, irritating and corrosive products contained in chemical detergents. For this reason, the use of eco-friendly cleaning products is constantly increasing.

High-performance natural cleaner


Biological multi-purpose cleaner based on beneficial microorganisms

Reducing air pollution is no longer an option, but an obligation that should be fulfilled by all of us in order to protect the environment.

MOTION SOLUTION® are fuel and engine oil additives, 100% natural, that improve the efficiency and quality of combustion, and reduce smoke opacity and pollutant gases from diesel and gasoline vehicles.

Fuel and engine oil additives

Fuel Additive

Additive based on beneficial microorganisms for oils and fuels

Oil Ceram

Bio-ceramic additive for engine oils

The current industry is designed to obtain high performance and benefits, not only by reducing costs, but also by providing materials with new properties.

The benefits and properties of Functional Technological Bio-ceramics, applied to the industry and its materials, make this possible.

Functional Technological Bio-ceramic that provides benefits to the industry and its materials

Paper Ceram

Bio-ceramic additive to improve and provide new properties to paper

Plastic Ceram

Bio-ceramic additive to improve and provide new properties to plastic

Textile Ceram

Bio-ceramic additive to improve and provide new properties to fabric

Building professionals, as well as users, require the properties of natural and ecological products for the materials used in construction.

BUILDING SOLUTION improves building materials by reducing toxicity, extending the useful life of all kinds of materials and providing new benefits and physical properties. They are additives for a healthy, revitalizing and ecological construction.

Products with organic properties for an ecological construction

Building Antiox

Liquid additive for building materials (concrete, cement, plaster, mortar, paint, etc.) based on beneficial microorganisms

Plastic Ceram

Bio-ceramic additive in powder form for building materials (concrete, cement, plaster, mortar, paint, etc.)

A proper water treatment is a vital but expensive process. So far, these treatments involved the use of chemical processes, but today there is a way of doing it naturally with WATER SOLUTION.

It is a natural, efficient and economic process to improve the quality of water from ponds, pools, wells, tanks, etc.

Natural treatments for water improvement

Water Redox

Beneficial microorganisms for water treatments

Water Ceram

Bio-ceramic for water treatments