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Physical water treatment from electromagnetic equipment

Changes the molecular structure of water and its physicochemical properties.

Reduces the size of water clusters. Improves water assimilation.

Reduces fouling.

It improves efficiency and reduces costs of industrial processes.

It improves efficiency and reduces costs of industrial processes.

Effective in different fields: agriculture, livestock, purification and purification, industry, construction, automotive, cleaning, etc.

Different sizes adaptable to any installation.

Unlimited shelf life, does not consume electricity and maintenance free.

Water Ceram

Functional Technological Bio-Ceramics®
Natural water treatment based on bio-ceramics
Reduces surface tension of water and other liquids.

Revitalizes water, improves its quality and enhances its cleaning power

Reduces toxics and pollutants

Powerful antioxidant effect, prevents and reverses the oxidation of water, air and matter. Extends the useful life of all kinds of materials.

Prevents proliferation of pathogenic organisms, mildew, etc.

Increases water assimilation by humans, animals, plants, etc. Revitalizes the body and improves immune system and cellular metabolism.

Optimizes water properties and, therefore, benefits human health, improves the production and quality of the crop and livestock, as well as enhancing eco-friendly cleaning and the combustion process. It also improves building materials and all kinds of industries.

Water Redox

Bio-Ferments from Functional Microorganisms®

Natural water treatment based on beneficial microorganisms

Establishes a beneficial microbiological ecosystem in water

100% ecological and natural

Competes with pathogenic organisms. Inhibits the spread of mildew, bacteria and pathogenic organisms

Water bio-purification. Reduces turbidity

Increases anaerobic biodegradation. Facilitates organic matter decomposition

Metabolizes and reduces toxic and polluting compounds. Eliminates unpleasant odours

For swimming pools, ponds, sewages, purification systems, etc.