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Plastic Ceram

Functional Technological Bio-Ceramics®

Bio-ceramic additive for the plastic industry

Provides benefits and improves the properties of plastic

Bio-ceramic additive that emits far-infrared (cFIR) waves.

Provides organic properties to plastic. 100% ecological and natural.

Reduces surface tension of water and other liquids.

In cardboard bottling, it improves the quality of drinks and liquids. Increases water assimilation by humans, animals, plants, etc. Revitalizes the body and improves immune system and cellular metabolism.

Antioxidant effect. Prevents the oxidation and corrosion of water, air and matter, and reverses the oxidation process.

Extends the useful life of all kinds of materials and products contained inside the plastic packaging (food, products, paper, plastic, etc.)

Bactericide and anti-pathogenic effect. Inhibits the infection and deterioration of materials and products. Delays food putrefaction and deterioration in plastic food containers.

Enhances the homogenisation of materials. Improves drying speed.

Reduces toxic and polluting substances, as well as, unpleasant odours.

In plastic in contact with people (construction, textile) provides beneficial effects on their health. Improves microcirculation and sleep quality, reduces pain and infections, promotes body antioxidation, enhances the absorption and effect of creams, etc..