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Agro Grow

Ecological treatments for crops
Improves production, quality and health of the crop
Bio-Ferments from Functional Microorganisms®
Bio-stimulant for crops

Biological and natural treatment for pastures, crops, fertilizers and compost.

Establishes a beneficial microbiological ecosystem in the soil, plants, etc.

Competes with pathogenic organisms. Protects from pests and pathogens, and allows to reduce the use of chemical pesticides

Stimulates the beneficial microflora from the soil and plants

Improves and facilitates nutrition and growth. Transforms those elements from the soil found in non-assimilable shapes for plants into shapes that can be properly assimilated and used by them.

Improves nutritional conditions of the soil

Powerful fertiliser and rooting supplement that increases the structure and quality of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits.

Eliminates pollution from water, soils, landfill leachates, etc