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PHARMA BIOZYME® is a young and enterprising team, with concerns about the environment.

PHARMA BIOZYME® is a multidisciplinary team composed of scientifics specialized in different fields: biologists, biotechnologists, biochemists, biomedical scientists, technical agronomists, veterinarians, chemists, physicists, architects, technical architects, commercial technicians, etc.


We obtain countless benefits from nature by means of biotechnology. We have developed three bio-technologies that work in synergy in order to provide integral solutions to any kind of problem.

Each one of them has a function, which in Pharma Biozyme® we have considered vital: the treatment of water and liquids, the FIR waves emission from ceramics and the combination of bacteria specifically designed for each purpose. We provide ecological, natural and environmentally friendly solutions. We generate products that contribute to the decontamination and detoxification of the body, nature and industry.

In Pharma Biozyme® we combine the valuable ancestral knowledge with the technological vanguard.


Our efforts are aimed at obtaining effective, safe and 100% natural high-quality products.

We invest in research, development and innovation (R+D+I) in order to get a continuous improvement of our products and to develop innovative solutions.

We adapt our knowledge and technologies to the specific needs of our clients.

We establish professional links with companies specializing in other fields or sectors, in order to broaden knowledge and to move towards a biotechnological future.

PHARMA BIOZYME® products are 100% natural, ecological and environmentally friendly. They not only do not pollute, but also help eliminate existing pollution by means of bioremediation.       PHARMA BIOZYME® seeks to contribute to the improvement, purification and cleanliness of the environment, plants, animals and humans.